Welcome to the BugGen experiment by the University of Amsterdam.

This experiment will take about 10 minutes.

In this experiment you will rate 30 computergenerated bugs on the following qualities:
- not scary vs scary
- ugly vs pretty
- natural vs unnatural

You will be presented one bug at a time, photographed from different angles.
Below the bug you can rate the bug with the checkbox you find appropriate.
If you think the bug is very scary for example, you will check a checkbox close to scary.
If you think the bug is very friendly however, you will check a checkbox closer to not scary.
After you have rated the bug, you can click next to rate the next bug.

You will see 6 bugs in each picture,
but this is THE SAME BUG from different angles.

Click START to start rating the bugs.


if you are curious about all the bugs so far,
you can check all the ratings with this link:

all ratings